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Sandy has coached many recreational athletes from completion to mastery of their given distance qualifying many for the Boston Marathon as well as the Hawaiian Ironman. She utilizes the Moxy Monitor to provide real-time physiologic feedback (not mandatory) with a focus on recovery, nutrition, and general well-being. Sandy likes to work with clients that are accountable and use Training Peaks to facilitate this by delivering programs and monitoring workout feedback. Sandy is an Ironman Certified Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and a C.Ped.

Sandy has personally run every distance from 5k to 100 miles, finishing 3rd woman at the 50k distance (Niagara Ultra) and 1st woman at 50 miles (the Mohican 100). She has also completed Ironman Canada twice and Ironman Chattanooga.

"I love to work with people who want to train more than they want to provide excuses and are self-motivated. If you want to learn, complete, improve and/or excel I am the coach for you."

Coach Sandy
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