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Monthly Coaching

$120 + tax per month 

One on one training for those requiring maximum interaction with their coach. Good for individuals with specific performance goals. You will receive an account with Training Peaks where your program will be posted on a weekly basis and checked on frequently. Both athlete and coach can access individual workouts providing instruction and outcomes. Your training program is dynamic and built on a weekly or monthly basis, adjusted by progressions. Program includes unlimited contact with your coach through email, telephone or face to face, a basic account on Training Peaks. 

Semi-Custom Programs

$50 + tax per month

Athlete will receive a complete semi-custom program that takes them from day 1 to race day. Good for individuals who have modest racing goals or require very little instruction. You will receive a basic account with Training Peaks where your program will be posted in it's entirety and checked on periodically. Check in with your coach when required to discuss training issues as they arise.      

Virtual Clinics

$50 + tax 

Receive a virtual program to take you from day 1 to race day. Anything from a 5k to the marathon distance. Good for individuals who wish to follow a program independently from start to finish. Can upgrade to a semi custom program if you feel you would like some additional coaching and/or feedback. 

Virtual Gait Analysis

$75 + tax 

Receive a basic gait analysis with exercises, stretching and/or gait suggestions along with referrals if applicable. 

Send three videos running, ideally showing runner from feet to shoulders in each. 

1. from the front

2. from the side

3. from the back

Send one video running, showing only feet to hips. 

1. from the back

Include details of injuries, concerns about gait, any performance goals along with any other information you feel is important. Send email with details and videos to

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