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  • Do I need an appointment to buy shoes?
    No, stop in anytime during store hours and any of our staff can look after your needs.
  • How much are your shoes?
    The shoes we sell are the same price as they would be anywhere else. The shoe manufacturers set the price of shoes, tells us when we can put them on sale and how much we can put them on sale for.
  • Do you sell good quality shoes?
    Yes, all the shoes we sell are good quality.
  • Do you sell shoes that my orthotics will fit into?
  • Do socks make a difference?
    Yes, a good quality running sock can increase your enjoyment of running as they don’t slide or deform but they wick away sweat and reduce hot spots.
  • Do you take special orders?
    If it’s from one of our suppliers we absolutely do.
  • Do I have to pay for my special order at the time of ordering?
    Yes please.
  • Do you run?
    Yes, all of our staff swims, bikes and runs a variety of distances.
  • Do you sell bikes or bike accessories?
    No, we don’t.
  • What is the most often asked question at Disney World?
    What time is the 3 O’clock parade?
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