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Activity Paused

"Activity paused" the app lady stated as we waited to cross the busy intersection. "Activity paused" she chirped again as we waited at the top of a long hill for the rest of our group. "Activity paused" the keeper of the app lady mocked then explained how last year when just beginning her running career she ran that same hill so slow the app lady yelled "activity paused!" "Activity paused" prophetic when you think about it. How often do we bull doze our way through life not taking the time to pause. Running recently I heard the app lady in my head as our group began our easy warm-up towards the trails. The bugs were not awake yet, the air was cool and my ever present training partner Dash was sniffing his favourite spots for the local wildlife. "Activity paused" I heard as we stopped for his morning constitutional, considerate really when I think about it as he takes care of business before we start so we don't have to...pause mid run. We hit the trail and begin picking our way around puddles, avoiding the wet, cool brush on our warm dry arms. "Activity paused" as we hit the one and only road crossing then we are off and running; slowly at first as the muscles warm and our heart rates begin to rise. As we hit the first big climb and I am reduced to a fast walk under the heaviness of a summer cold, Dash whips his head around to see what the hold-up is and I know from the increased pressure on our tether he's thinking "activity paused". Once we crest the hill and oxygen is filling my legs again we hit the single track which is Dash's favourite and he picks up speed, there will be no pausing here unless I toe pick and take a header but with the help of the four little legs pulling me along I do my best to "see" the obstacles with sleepy eyes and manage to maintain speed. Popping out onto the double track, Dash sprawls on the cool, wet grass and takes in some water while we wait for the rest of our group; "activity paused". There are times in our lives when activities are paused; injuries, jobs, families. Pauses refresh as the saying goes; they are brief moments in time when parts of our lives are on hold. This is not a bad thing, it allows us to miss them, appreciate them and come back to them with a renewed love.

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