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The Lure of Ironman

The lure of Ironman can be very intoxicating. It is time-consuming, expensive, prestigious and awe-inspiring. Who wouldn't want to do it? The time, money and effort of training will all fade into the background as you take the glorious stroll down the finish line runway to the simple refrain of Mike Reilly's Ironman song "insert name here you ARE AN IRONMAN!!" You are a triathlete, you've biked a long way, why can't you? It's probably easier to say why you shouldn't. You shouldn't do Ironman if: -you don't like to be separated from your money. It has been estimated by some to cost as much as $35,000 for one event. That includes everything from the $800 registration fee, a tri bike averaged at $8,000 to the things most don't think about such as nutrition ($1000-1600), wetsuit ($500), Tubes ($10 each) plus regular massage or yoga class, your celebratory tattoo and framing your medals. -you don't like to be separated from your time. Most Ironman training plans last for 8 to 9 months and build to average 15-20 hours a week. That might not seem like much but that's moving time and does not factor in pre-training prep time, post-training nap time, early to bedtime and therapy time leaving not a lot of personal/family time. -you don't like to be sore, tired, irritable, dazed, confused or forgetful. The single reason you overlook all of that and do Ironman? To hear that siren song.

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